A small authentic camp located in the middle of the best wildlife reserve, famous as the 8th wonder of the world the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Our Favorite part about the camp is that its owned & run by the local community, the Maasai. The best eco-camp offering authentic safari experiences from the true custodians of this beautiful ecosystem.


A team of very jovial and friendly staff who with a very warm welcome invite you to experience the best of the Maasai hospitality offered at this camp.

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The Food is exceptional made by very talented chefs offering you the most delicious meals one can enjoy in the african savannah. Truly one of the highlights of the stay is offered by the catering team with professional service and unique dining experiences like Bush breakfast, Lunch and even dinners under the african sky.


The campsite is a small and only has 8 tents that can host a group of 16 Max so you are sure you will great personalized service and enjoy the best of the beautiful surroundings away from the tourism masses.

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Having a good sleep is important and the tents are spacious and beautifully set out with huge and comfy beds when you lay down it feels like one is sleeping on clouds and it makes one feel relaxed and at ease in the middle of the wild bush sounds.

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They also have nice sheets that are clean and comfy with lots of pillows and blankets surrounding to make it even feel more comfortable and warm all night.

The tents are also all fully en suite with clean bathrooms with running water & hot showers.

The eco camp operates on solar power and there are power outlets in the tents for you to charge your devices.



The Mess area also serves as the lounge where one can sit and relax catching up on some reading or simply watch nature go by since the location is right within prime game territory.


Special thanks to William the camps General Manager and his team for a truly memorable stay at the Mara.

From our clients The Marschalls Family.

Ashe Oleng’ – (Thank you in Maa language)

You can check them out on social media.





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