Enquire – For Tailor made safari to Nairobi National Park.

A City Safari – Nairobi National Park. A rewarding game drive to match any bush safari.


(Only in Nairobi can you get such an epic sighting)

 The beauty of the city we hardly get the chance to experience, hard to imagine that only 5kms from the Nairobi central business district is a wildlife park.

old pics4

The Park first opened its gates to wildlife lovers in December 1946 as first park in Kenya East Africa.


The Nairobi National park Main entrance in 1946 First Pic & 71 years later.

Here are the five reasons highlighting why Nairobi National park should be on your safari bucket list.

  1. Easily Accessible.

The park is only 5kms from the central business district, 5 kms away from the JKIA airport and 3Km from Wilson Airport. That makes it easy for someone who has a few hours to spare while on a business trip or on transit through Nairobi. Long lay over in Nairobi? Worry not there is a lot you can get indulge in to make your waiting time bearable.

Its easy accessibility also makes it a perfect spot for weekend getaways with your travel buddies, just hop on to your vehicle and get out for the adventure. FYI the parks roads are very well maintained thanks to the KWS for that, you do not require a 4×4, even in the rainy season although not all parts are tarmacked you can explore most of it in a saloon car.


  1. Rich in Wildlife & Birdlife.

This is evident the minute you get through the gate you, there were the familiar smells of damp vegetation and animal manure. It smells like a National Park, it sounds like a National Park, and the variety of wildlife you encounter soon demonstrates that you really are in a National Park, despite it being surrounded on three sides by human development.


Olive  Baboon Nursing – Watch out for them’ usually spotted as soon as you get in the park.


Male Bush Buck – Another common sighting soon as you get in park.


At only 117sqKm the park is among the smallest in Kenya but has one of the highest density of wildlife with over 80 species of game and 400 species of bird. Larger Mammals that are easily spotted are;


Cape buffalo – There is a healthy number of buffalos.


A group of giraffes is called ‘A Tower’ – which you get to spot in the only place where they compete in height with sky crappers.



A group of zebras is called a dazzle – derived from their method of evading predators, dazzle camouflage.DSC_1634_Fotor

Grazers like zebras, impalas, antelopes, wilderbeests among others occur in abundance. grazers form grazing herds – safety in numbers is the main reason why.


Impalas form different groups in pic is a breeding herd also known as Harem. Made up of 1 dominant male and several females who he breeds with.


Elands – are the largest of the antelopes, they are docile creatures that can even be domesticated.


You do not have to drive to Masai mara to watch Wilder beests in their natural habitat.

Where there is a healthy population of prey is a healthy population of predators. Big cats, lions prowl the park like the kings of the city jungle they are.


The king enjoying shade after having a quick snack.


Sub-adult lions with a buffalo carcass.

Leopards are also present in the park but the cats are famous for being elusive and very hard to spot. Look above the trees when you visit it might be your day for that lucky spotting.

For avifauna enthusiasts the park is a haven.  With over 400 hundred terrestrial and water birds recorded.


Verreaux Eagle owl – Also known as the giant eagle owl.


Kori Bustard – A large conspicuous bird that usually spotted in the open plains foraging.


The Ostrich – with a herd of Hart beests. The largest bird in the world is flightless.

  1. Visit the ivory burning site and the most successful Rhino sanctuary under KWS.

Nairobi national park is iconic as being the place where bold conservations steps were taken in the fight to stop the commercialization of wildlife trophies, tonnes of ivory were set ablaze by His Excellency, former president Moi and current President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The plaque put up on the most recent ivory burning ceremony.


The huge pile of tonnes of destroyed ivory.

On a more positive conservation note, the park is best known for its healthy population of endangered species, the Black Rhinos & White Rhinos. This iconic beasts were translocated from other remote reserves across Kenya to protect them from poachers who would have led to their extinction.


The very rare sighting of Black rhinos – slightly above 5000 of this ancient beasts roam freely across the world. Kenya is home to 20% of the worlds’ population.

The notable exception is elephants; as the park is too small to sustain them, but you can see baby elephants in the neighboring orphanage the  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

  1. Best gift you can give your children.

The experience that you give your children is usually better than a material gift and leaves a more lasting impression. A safari gives them an unforgettable lesson on the natural beauty of Kenya.


  1. Perfect spot for picnics and sundowners.

Having enjoyed a very rewarding safari drive, you can stop over at one of the designated sites.

The park has a number of picnic sites that are well maintained, with running water and lavatories. If you have a party in mind, this would be the perfect spot for that memorable experience. It doesn’t matter the group of people you would like to host the park has sites that can host groups as small as two to as many as 50. Just make sure to enquire from your event planner or park authorities on the requirements to host your event.


Our happy clients enjoying a picnic after an amazing safari.

A party in the wild looks like the best plot for your birthday, or celebration. Take your drinks, your BBQ grill get out and enjoy the outdoors.


Sundowner cocktails also go perfectly while out in the wild.


We were enjoying this particular sundowner with a pride of lions by our safari wagon (Magical is the only way to describe the experience)


Park entrance fee is a fair Kshs 430 for adults and Kshs. 215 for children’

Residents pay- Kshs 1030 Non residents pay $43

You pay for your vehicle for Kshs. 300 if 5 seats and less and Kshs. 1030 if above 6 seats.


Remember to observe the park rules;

  • Take nothing than pictures/memories, leave nothing but footprints
  • Do not litter or feed the animals.
  • Do not drive off the designated roads – animals have right of way.
  • Only get out of your vehicle at designated sites.
  • Respect the wildlife – do not make noise & respect your fellow safari goers.
  • Most of all enjoy the uniqueness of living in the only urban city with a wildlife reserve. Only in #magicalkenya do you have such advantages #WhyiloveKenya.




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